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Posted by: J-Ro , May 15, 2013    

The Goo Goo Dolls were just inducted in the Guitar Center Rock Walk, and PopStop TV caught up with the Dolls’ lead singer Johnny Rzeznik at the NARM Music Biz Dinner Party to congratulate him on this great honor!

“That was a freaky scene because one part of me was really honored and excited,” Johnny said of the induction. “The other part of me thought that they are making this plaque and they are gonna bury our ashes under it! Its really an honor.”

Johnny’s band The Goo Goo Dolls also have their tenth studio album, Magnetic, on the way June 11th!

“It’s nice to have a new album coming out,” Johnny said.  ”And this one didn’t take as long. It was a fun experience making it. I didn’t have to be this ‘dictatorial figure’ in the band. I kinda can be that guy [usually] so it was nice to let go of things.”

And Johnny assures us that Magnetic will be a pleasant surprise.

“I think whats gonna shock them most is that it’s sort of a fresher version of what we’ve done,” Johnny said.  ”Lyrically, the message is so powerful and positive. I’m really proud of it.”
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