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Title: Magnetic
Performer: The Goo Goo Dolls
Released: 2013
Format(s): CD, Digital Download, LP

September 19, 2012 - Article: "Session Buzz: Who’s Recording In & Around NYC – A Monthly Report: [..] And in other Germano sessions… The Goo Goo Dolls were in writing and recording new materials with John Shanks producing and Dan Chase engineering...".

The regular version of Magnetic has an orange cover. The deluxe edition of Magnetic has a yellow cover. The vinyl version of Magnetic has a blue cover.

Paul Buckmaster: Strings
Steve Churchyard: String Engineer
Ted Jensen: Mastering
David Levine: Booking
Doug McKean: Engineer
Joel McNeely: String Arrangements
Jamie Muhoberac: Keyboards
Tim Pierce: Guitar (Acoustic)
Andy Stochansky: Composer, Vocals (Background)
Greg Wells: Piano, Producer, Drum Programming
Rob Cavallo: Producer
Mark Endert: Mixing
Claire Fisher: Violin
Lars Fox: Engineer
Roger Treece: Vocal Arrangement
John Shanks: Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Percussion, Piano, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Producer
Shari Sutcliffe: Production Coordination
Robby Takac: Bass, Composer, Vocals
Mike Malinin: Drums, Vocals (Background)
Cheryl Jenets: Production Manager
Gregg Wattenberg: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Composer, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Producer, Vocal Arrangement
Chris Shaw: Engineer
Ross Petersen: Engineer
Frank Maddocks: Design, Creative Director, Cover Art
Korel Tunador: Keyboards
Ian MacGregor: Engineer
Katie Weissman: Cello
Todd Clark: Composer, Vocals (Background)
Larry Einbund: Management
Derek Fuhrmann: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Vocal Arrangement
Doug Johnson: Mixing Assistant
Paul Lamalfa: Programming, Engineer, Pro-Tools
John Alicastro: Programming, Vocals (Background), Engineer
Dan Chase: Keyboards, Programming, Engineer
John Rzeznik: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mike Brylinski: Engineer, Pro-Tools
Gunnar Olsen: Programming
Ben Stanton: Vocals (Background)
Brad Fernquist: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
Justin Rose: Engineer, String Engineer, Piano Engineer
Charlie Judge: Keyboards
Max ZT: Dulcimer (Hammer)
Neil Krug: Cover Photo
Richie English: Piano, String Arrangements
Peter Mack: Assistant Engineer
Alex Tenta: Art Direction, Design
Martin Horne: Booking
J.T. Harding: Composer
Norman Wonderly: Creative Director
Lenny Skolnik: Programming, Vocals (Background), Assistant Engineer
Kevin Matela: Assistant Engineer
Michelle Rogel: Production Assistant
Jillette Johnson: Vocals (Background)
Stevie Notes: Vocal Arrangement
Lance Sumner: Assistant Engineer
Michael Lauri: Programming, Vocals (Background)
Ian Driscoll: Vocals (Background), Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Pro-Tools
Angela Desimone: Management
Mia Wattenberg: Vocals (Background)
Kiersten Fisher: Viola
Gretchen Fisher: Violin
Dylan Shanks: Trombone
Asia Geiger: Band Photo
Alison Stanton: Vocals (Background)

Title: Label: Tracks: Released:
Magnetic Warner Bros. 11 2013
Magnetic (Deluxe) 13 2013
Magnetic (reissue) Warner Records 11 2019

We're all safe in NYC ... Recording starts up again tomorrow if all goes as planned ! ow.ly/i/14CJv

.@michaelbuble and the @googoodolls welcoming visitors to our bldg. t.co/g8Od2NAgD9
Simon Young @simon_kerrang
Goo Goo Dolls' new album sounds like David Gray, Gaslight Anthem and Eels.
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
GGDs video shoot and rehearsals over the next few days ... Stay tuned ...
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
Get an exclusive first look at the #Magnetic album cover – available May 7. RT to share! t.co/zrZ9M3NK WATCH: Catch a glimpse of Johnny from the @googoodolls recording "Come To Me", a new song off their album, Magnetic t.co/gkzsjYZe
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
First look at Johnny in the studio finishing up a new song called “Come To Me.” t.co/9GXHQe8c RT to share!
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
last few days of GGDs recording in NY... t.co/WOEV9IaE
Mike Malinin @mikemalinin
Heading to New York for my last bit of recording for the upcoming Goo Goo Dolls album. It'll be a fun-filled Monday.
Korel Tunador @koreltunador
Hey @mikemalinin. Get back to work!!!
Mike Malinin @mikemalinin
Damn! I've been busted tweeting at rehearsal by the latest @googoodolls tweet! Back to work....
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
Rehearsing in LA ... t.co/NnVS1zt6
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
3 ggds doing 3 all day photo shoots in 3 days ...... t.co/t0qI6giO
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
In NYC for some more GGDs tracking .... getting close !!!!
Mike Malinin @mikemalinin
Finished recording drums for the day. Luckily, I'm feeling better. Time to relax!
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
Back in the studio after a brief Hurricane Delay ! t.co/Mzl5Uj0S
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
We're all safe in NYC ... Recording starts up again tomorrow if all goes as planned ! t.co/bJd09bQE
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
We're all safe in NYC ... Recording starts up again tomorrow if all goes as planned ! t.co/01BFvG2G
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
Our timing is amazing...in NYC for GGDs recording and along came Sandy ....here we go !!!!!
Mike Malinin @mikemalinin
Off to New York for a week for more Goo recording. Time to go hit some drums.
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
Headed back to LA today for more GGDs sessions...and maybe a taco. . . .
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
Headed into Manhattan for some more GGDs sessions .... Getting closer !!!!!
Mike Malinin @mikemalinin
People have been asking me when the next @googoodolls record is coming out. Honestly, I have no idea. Hoping for early next year.
John Shanks @johnshanks1
Here ya go working hard tonight... t.co/12JQxSmv
Gustav Wood @Gustav_Wood
Listening to the goo goo dolls on the plane back to NYC. We met Johnny Reznik in the studio the other day. What a song writer
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
Headed home from GGDs recording sessions in LA ... A wicked busy month coming up !!!
John Shanks @johnshanks1
Goo goo dolls in the studio.come on!!!!get ready!! t.co/eZk5vSiz
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
Recording some new songs in LA w/ John Shanks today .....
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
John sent in a second blog from Day 2 in the studio, check it out here: t.co/2fNnKnnw
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
The Goo Goo Dolls have started officially recording their 10th album today, and John sent in a quick blog update. t.co/FjOUVBuv
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
New blog from John: t.co/WhYihcfD
Mike Malinin @mikemalinin
In the studio again with John and Rob. Getting ideas together. Back to reality tomorrow with a bunch of much needed yard work.
Goo Goo Dolls @googoodolls
Working on some ideas for the new album in LA .... t.co/lyz84Yc7
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Both RT @magnetronnie: @Johnrzeznik1 what are you recording John? Another soundtrack song or something for Goo album #10?
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
I have been working on new songs Can you let me know what tunes Off sf you wNt to hear I like nothing is real Lay it on cats & kitys