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Title: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 / Volume 2
Performer: The Goo Goo Dolls
Released: 2008
Format(s): CD/DVD Digipack

This album was first titled The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - Rarities and B-Sides, but this was changed before the release. Probably because it does not contain any Greatest Hits and was confusing.

The album contains covers, rarities and B-sides. The album was created by the band as a gift to the fans, who had been asking for a long time for it.

Title: Label: Tracks: Released:
Vol. 2 Warner Bros. Records 45 2008
Vol. 2 (Limited Edition) Warner Bros. Records 58 2008

John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Check out the remix of we'll be here on volume two Paul did a nice job Brad and I helped of course