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After releasing their Greatest Hits Vol. 1 packed with all their pop rock hits, The Goo Goo Dolls are releasing more of the old stuff on this greatest hits album and include a killer DVD! The songs on the album date way back to the beginning of the Goo Goo Dolls career before they made in mainstream rock. The album does include numbers from the albums not heard on radio from a few years ago as well.

The album opens with 3 rockers from the album Dizzy Up The Girl, Superstar Car Wash and A Boy Named Goo. We get tio a live track All Eyes on Me with fierce live production and a great addition to the album. Its good to hear this song live as it has more rock flavor than the album version and is a little bit different. Known for being on many soundtracks this album offers a bunch of those songs as well. Lazy Eye has always been a personal favorite of mine which is featured from the1997 film Batman & Robin. This is one of the harder and darker Goo Goo Dolls songs that should be in any fans collection which is also one of the first songs with drummer Mike Malinin. Next up is Iris (Demo Verison). Now this song stands out from the smash hit that everyone has heard. The demo version is a little more poppy featuring electronic drums and raspy demo style vocals. I’m not sure if many fans of the original will really be into this one but it’s a cool addition for Goo Goo Dolls fans.

I'm Awake Now is also another track featured on a soundtrack from the 1991 Nightmare on Elmstreet Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. The song has the older mid 90’s rock style of the band found on their Superstar /Car Wash album and is a great track nonetheless. A few faster older songs in the mix Torn Apart, No Way Out and String of Lies follow. 2 songs from the bands most recent album are on the album as well mixing it up from the older material, We'll Be Here (When You're Gone) New Mix is a new remix of the song which is a little bit different and Without You Here which is the bands best song on the album (in my opinion). We go way back in the Dolls collection with oldie punk rocking tunes Million Miles Away, I Wanna Destroy You and Wait for the Blackout. The old Dolls punk fans will enjoy these ones. I Don't Want to Know seems to be re-recorded and could fit right in on the newest album of the band featuring just a pure rock n roll catchy radio tune.

This album proves the band is among the best and gives the fans their moneys worth on this album. I mainly think this album is for big Goo Goo Dolls collectors like me or any fans of the older material that has not been heard on the mainstream. The DVD is amazing and recommended for any Goo Goo Dolls fan. 23 tracks spanning all the hit videos and live performances. The DVD is worth it alone.
Disc 1 CD:

1. Hate This Place
2. Stop the World *
3. Long Way Down *
4. All Eyes on Me Live
5. Lazy Eye *
6. Iris Demo Version
7. Im Awake Now *
8. Torn Apart
9. No Way Out
10. String of Lies
11. Well Be Here (When Youre Gone) New Mix
12. Without You Here *
13. Only One
14. Truth Is a Whisper
15. What a Scene
16. Million Miles Away
17. I Wanna Destroy You
18. Wait for the Blackout
19. Slave Girl
20. Dont Change
21. I Dont Want to Know *
22. American Girl Live

Disc 2: DVD

1. There You Are
2. We Are the Normal
3. Only One
4. Flat Top
5. Name
6. Naked
7. Long Way Down
8. Lazy Eye
9. Iris
10. Slide
11. Black Balloon
12. Dizzy
13. Broadway
14. Here Is Gone
15. Sympathy
16. Stay with You
17. Let Love In
18. Long Way Down
19. Slide
20. Feel the Silence
21. Before Its Too Late (Sam and Mikaelas Theme)
22. Slave Girl
23. Better Days

* Highlights

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