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Friday, April 8, 2016

John Rzeznik

U.S. Cellular Field

Chicago, IL

MLB game Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians

Bull staff fighting. I can whistle through my teeth and can uncap a bottle with my toes. - JR #AskJohn t.co/uqx8lBgIqB
lightning36 @lightning36
@whitesox #AskJohn John, what were your favorite sports when you were growing up? Any mad skills? Red Rocks, of course. - JR #AskJohn t.co/HzTiNtDWUM Chicago deep dish from Pizanos - JR #AskJohn t.co/pBPnKBI4Iu I love them all like my children. - JR #AskJohn t.co/qGbZIBjFFL
Dennis Gunder @Denny816
@johnrzeznikGGD @whitesox Hey John, I'm coming from AZ to see you at Red Rocks. What is your fave venue to perform at? #AskJR I really only watch classic movies... I did really love Spy, The Big Short, and Seven Days in May. - JR #AskJohn t.co/oK8tiylwvJ
Kate? @TheRealKateH
@whitesox @johnrzeznikGGD @googoodolls what's your favorite type of pizza?? (since we're talkin' chicago!) ❤️⚾️ It was amazing and they really opened my eyes to a new way of making music. #CashCash - JR #AskJohn t.co/Sku5Oqn5uF
Matthew Wisnefsky @HorseshoePride
@whitesox #AskJohn Who is your favorite White Sox player?
Sara @Beechwood72
@whitesox What's the best movie you've watched recently? #ggdboxes Russia, Poland... basically Eastern Europe. - JR #AskJohn t.co/v6Uz6OoIeX Sleeping with Sirens, Oh Wonder, David Bowe, Merchandise. - JR #AskJohn t.co/3hW2k35VEm @whitesox @johnrzeznikGGD @googoodolls how did you like working with Cash Cash on Lightning Bolt? #AskJohn
Val @brtlightsphere
@johnrzeznikGGD @whitesox Is their a country you've never performed in that is on your bucket list to play a show? So Alive... love that song! - JR #AskJohn P.S. That single is available today. t.co/FgjCdd9QU7
Mark McCullough @MarkMcCPhoto
@johnrzeznikGGD @whitesox what bands are you currently listening to? Love from Ireland It changes from day to day... I like the songs off the new album right now. - JR #AskJohn t.co/o2hUQ3ZVWA
KT Lafferty @MusicLuvr2481
@johnrzeznikGGD @whitesox What's your favorite track on Boxes? #ggdboxes
Tom Allsop @tomallsop505
@johnrzeznikGGD @whitesox what is your favourite goo goo dolls song! I generally mess up a different song every night. - JR #AskJohn t.co/cIStGrrsdZ You named you dog John? - JR #AskJohn t.co/ZLUdlls8jf
Leyna @leyley09
@whitesox John, what song do you mess up the most often during shows? #AskJohn Making the playoffs - JR #AskJohn t.co/IcmWeiCmP3
Ashley Sanders @Ashley22Sanders
@whitesox @johnrzeznikGGD @googoodolls #AskJohn This isn't a question, but I just wanted to let you know that my dog is named after you! Hi Courtenay - JR #AskJohn t.co/JknYELsjKI
Gabriel Ocampo @n0limitzz
@whitesox @johnrzeznikGGD @googoodolls What in your opinion would be considered a "Successful Season" ?? #AskJohn
Brian Boron @BrianB519
@whitesox @johnrzeznikGGD @googoodolls #AskJohn my sister is your biggest fan. Can you tweet hi to her? @CourtenayLeigh Have a question for @johnrzeznikGGD from the @googoodolls? Tweet us using #AskJohn and we'll get a few answered!