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Performer: Various Artists
Format(s): CD
Category Nr: HT031

Full title: The Holiday CD, Hits Post Modern syndrome.

From the inlay:
"Name [Acoustic] (Modern Rock Live): What could be better than a new , acoustic version of one of your all-time fave PoMo masterworks? Relax and enjoy this stripped-down version of The Hit That Made The Band (recorded during their encore appearance on Modern Rock Live) and remember why: It's the SONG, fool!".

"Name (Metalblade/WB): Can't get enough o' them Goos. Once is never enough with this band, so get with this fresh taste of their signature hard-driven pop sound and drool over the possibilities. Goo Goo indeed! This will make history."

# Track Version Length
10. Name Acoustic, live version
11. Naked