/ Other Appearances / Compilations / Loss Leaders Revisited, Warner Bros Records presents
Performer: Various Artists
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Format(s): CD
Category Nr: PRO-CD-7795

Us label types decided to dig up this no-hype, no-ploy collectors series from the past and update it for the future. What those Loss Leaders stand for is the great music of tomorrow. This CD showcases our artists' latest work, plus extra collectors items - such as some really cool, unreleased non-album tracks. As a matter of fact, you never know what you might discover on Loss Leaders. Still you might be suspicious of big record companies putting out another compilation of tunes. Well just keep in mind that this CD is not sold, and it's limited to a mere 3500 copies. Dig it and look for Volume 2.

# Track Version Length
4. I Want To Destroy You Non-Album Track