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Title: For Children of the Night
Performer: Various Artists
Released: 1989
Format(s): Cassette

In late 1989 the Goo Goo Dolls and Lance Diamond released a Christmas cassette tape with two songs, one original called 'Do You Believe?' and a cover called 'My Girl,' originally by the Temptations.

On the cover of the tape it says: 'All Proceeds to Benefit Friends of the Night People.' Friends of the Night People is a charitable organization that, according to their website, 'helps the poor, homeless and destitute in Buffalo, New York'. This is probably the reason why this tape is called 'For Children of the Night' in the 'World of Goo, Goo Goo Dolls FAQ v4.03.' That same document also mentions a 'Pauline,' as artist that appears on this tape.

Title: Label: Tracks: Released:
For Children of the Night 2 1989