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Title: Something For The Rest Of Us
Performer: The Goo Goo Dolls
Released: 2010
Format(s): CD, Digital Download, LP
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On September 18, 2009 John appeared on the Good Day LA show for a short interview and he revealed the album title.

Something for the Rest of Us is the upcoming ninth studio album by Buffalo-based rock band, the Goo Goo Dolls. It is expected to be completed by February 2010[1] and to be released in late spring of 2010. The recording process took place during the spring to fall of 2009 in the GCR Audio studio in Buffalo and "the Ark" in Los Angeles, with producer Tim Palmer. A single had been originally slated to be released in November 2009 with an album release in February 2010, but the band went back into the studio in January 2010. According to lead singer and guitarist John Rzeznik, this was done to make further improvements on what they had previously thought had been a finished record. Several producers were brought in to assist on the production process, including Butch Vig, John Fields, Paul David Hager and Rob Cavallo. Something for the Rest of Us will be the third Goo Goo Dolls studio album that Cavallo has produced (Dizzy Up the Girl and Gutterflower).

According to a post on the Goo Goo Dolls' Twitter account on October 6, 2009, songs that are confirmed to be on Something for the Rest of Us will be "The Sweetest Lie" and "As I Am."

In one of the Ustream sessions, Robby revealed that the album will have 12 songs and Real is not one of them.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Something_for_the_Rest_of_Us

Release Notes: Something for the Rest of Us: Release Notes: Muze
Personnel: John Rzeznik (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Robby Takac (vocals); Brad Fernquist (guitar, background vocals); Eric Gorfain, Daphne Chen (violin); Lauren Chipman (viola); Richard Dodd (cello); David Palmer (piano, organ, keyboards); Korel Tunador (piano, keyboards, background vocals); Mike Malinin (drums, percussion); Ran Jackson, Andy Stochansky, Ricky Jackson (background vocals).Engineers: Chris Testa; Doug McKean; Paul Hager; Jamie Seyberth; John Fields; Billy Bush.Audio Mixer: Paul David Hager.Recording information: East West Studios; Encore Studio C; GCR Audio; Henson Studios; Inner Machine Studios; MER Studios; Ocean Way Nashville; Paramount Studios; Wishbone Studios.Photographer: Kurt Iswarienko.The Goo Goo Dolls' ninth studio album, Something for the Rest of Us finds the band exploring the intersection of mainstream pop/rock and adult contemporary balladry, with longtime producer Rob Cavallo (Dizzy Up the Girl, Gutterflower) lending his assistance.

Title: Label: Tracks: Released:
Something For The Rest Of Us Warner Bros. Records 12 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version - Deluxe) Warner Bros. Records 15 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (Deluxe book edition) Warner Bros. Records 15 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (Deluxe Version) Warner Bros. Records 15 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (Japanese release) Warner Music Japan 13 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (Promo) Warner Bros. Records 14 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (Promo) Warner Bros. Records 12 2010
Something For The Rest Of Us (reissue) Warner Records 12 2019

John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Thank you so much for your support The album debuted at #7 or 6 I think don't quote me on it On another note thank you for defending us
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Yeah I'm sorry the label pushed back the release to aug 31 shoot them an email and ask them why? I have no idea I'm sure they just want
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Got the official release date for the new album "something for the rest of us" august 3 !!!!!!!!!
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
In the studio today and tomorrow with butch vig! Check out the video stream on ustream and on the website see you there!!!
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Doing strings check out the ustream
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Doing strings with steve lu so epic sounding watch the video from the session Tuesday
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Up late in Los Angeles mixing songs with Paul hager he's doing things I don't quite understand but it Sounds amazing!!!!
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Sorry I'm not on the webcast much just trying to focus on getting this right and I didn't shave this week
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Hey people in the studio today working on songs getting close to getting it right can't wait to see you guys oh yeah we got tour dates!
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Send more photos We need inspiration for this album
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
I love all the photos you send me Thanks for being so good to us
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Needed a dose of winter So I packed my bag and took off to Chicago Hiding in a hotel room writing more songs twitpic.com/y1hhq
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Listening to mixes of the new album It amazes me how much time I can waste listening to a tamborine As if it will change the world
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Also wanted to say thanks for still believing in our music and being patient with the new cd Btw thanks for all the beautiful Gifts in det.
John Rzeznik @Johnrzeznik1
Finally the holidays are done time to get the band back into rehearsal and get back on the road anxious to finish this cd keep you posted!!!