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HeyHey my fellow INROCKERS ....

Welcome to Robby's Lobby Edition #91 !!!! I'm writing this column from the 35th floor of my hotel in Shinjuku looking upon the Sky Tree in the distance from our window. This is my 3rd trip to Japan this year to visit with family and catch up on my Japanese obsessions, but this trip's a bit different as I'm also doing a bunch of press and radio here in Tokyo for the new Goo Goo Dolls album ''Magnetic'' out on Warner Brothers on June 11th! I'll cover all of my exploits here in Japan in next month's column, but in this edition I'll fill you in on our busy, busy month of preparing for the new release in the states!

The last time we spoke I was out doing a short Spring tour of colleges and universities in the US, we finished up that string of shows and headed out to do a bunch of television including a great outdoor performance on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" on Hollywood Blvd. in LA, it's a great big venue outside the television studios in which they broadcast 2 songs from a longer set performed for an''enthusiastic''crowd of fans including Simon Pegg (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Robert Downey Jr. who was there to promote the new Iron Man 3 movie which debuted the same week as our appearance.

Goo Goo Dolls were also honored with an induction into the Guitar Center ''RockWalk'' on Sunset Blvd. earlier that day, we did a bunch of interviews and put our handprints in cement to be added to the likes of Jimi Page, Kiss, Eric Clapton and Aerosmith among others in the RockWalk of Fame. It was a pretty big deal for us, and an honor for GGDS to be added to this unbelievable list of artists and bands.

Earlier in the month we also did a few pretty cool events including a gig for Major League Baseball at their ''MLB Fan Cave'' which is a pretty wild place in Manhattan (NYC) where a large group of fans move into a building together to live together spending all of their days together watching all of the MLB Baseball games. They are also treated to some events including a performance by GGDS, which was broadcast live on the Internet and on cable systems throughout the world. I even got to sign a baseball, Iユve signed many things over the years, (some of which I canユt mention here!) but I think this is the first time we have had the opportunity to sign baseballs.

GGDs also had a gig at ''The Preakness Stakes'' which is one of the world's most coveted Horse Races, it's part of the ''Triple Crown'' of Horse Racing and really a pretty big deal! We played a set on the infield of the Pimlico Race Track the day before the main race and celebrated the late spring / early summer concert season with thousands of fans treating them to a good dose of the yet to be released ''Magnetic'' album. I've included a picture from the event for you all to check out.

OK, I'm going to get my latest Japan trip under way, we have so many things to do while we're here including a day of GoGatsu Basho Sumo tournament, a Shonen Knife show at the Shinokitazawa Sound Cruising Festival and a long list of things weユll be talking about next month !

Hope everyone had a great Golden Week and we'll be talking with you soon !


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