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Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby …. Coming to you from the sunny city of Buffalo, New York as the COVID19 Summer comes to a close and one of the most bizarre chapters of our lives moves on to the next phase, whatever that may be. I hope you have all been well through this whole thing, we follow the news in Japan very closely as my wife’s family lives outside of Tokyo. The United States is still struggling with containing the spread of the virus, but now seems to understand the importance of distancing and wearing a mask which was not immediately embraced by American culture. Mask wearing in Asia is very commonplace and I believe the practice helped contain the spread of the virus across Asia. But we move forward with our lives as we all need to, and it’s now time for me to get to fill u in on those things going on in my life here in the pages of the mighty In Rock!

The 18th Annual Music is Art Festival put on by our Music is Art organization here in Western New York will be happening at the end of the month, this time in a virtual format due to the crisis. With all the government social distance measures in place we will present a live broadcast with 19 channels of live broadcasts with no audiences featuring live art, live music, dance from artists around the WNY area and segments sent in for MiA from around the world to be broadcast for the event from National Recording artists such as Mike Peters of The Alarm, Wreckless Eric, Bubbles of The Trailer Park Boys, members of the Smithereens and Gin Blossoms, Cherrie Curry of The Runaways and James Alex of Beach Slang! I even sang a cover of Kiss’s “Hard Luck Woman” with the local KISS cover band Kiss This , that’ll broadcast on the stream on the day of the event as well. The annual event is the flagship program of the Music is Art organization which operates throughout the year here in WNY, you can check out musicisart.org for more details.

We’re doing the broadcast from an old grain silo complex, it’s pretty much destroyed and makes for some amazingly beautiful scenes of urban decay, we’re just going to set the bands up in the midst of the remains of the buildings and silos and make use of the space for the broadcast. Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Rand B, Americana, Jazz, Reggae, Classical, Experimental, EDM …. We really try to cover it all every year and celebrate the arts community here in our hometown. It’s all-live from 6pm until midnight EST on September 12th at musicisart.org. U can watch it from Japan for free you know! …. Check it out !!!!

Goo Goo Dolls have been doing demos here in Buffalo, we’re really hoping next year’s touring season is going to be a reality, until then we have been keeping busy with live streams and writing. We are planning a full band live stream broadcast next month, we’re ironing out the details now and we’ll fill you in as soon as we get the details sorted.

With no touring all of this time at home has given us a chance to do a ton of things as a family here in Buffalo, from picking blueberries to visiting sunflower fields to drive in theater movies and petting zoos we’ve been finding fun things to do outside with our daughter as we try to stay safe and stay sane. We hope you’re doing the same and we ask you to stay happy and healthy throughout this time.

Peace …



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