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Hey Hey InRockers and Welcome to The Lobby, coming back to visit in a time that’s still pretty far from normal here in the United States, from talking to my relatives in Japan it seems like lifestyles are still pretty different for you all as well, and trust me, it’s a super, super weird time for a Dad of an 8 year old in a rock band.

Schools in the US are beginning to get an idea of how they will be opening in a little more than a month. I’ve been following the students in Japan’s return to school after Coronavirus and I hope we can have a cautious, successful and safe return as well. Every day we get a little more information filling in some of the details on how the kids school year will look like, but it does look like they will be going back to school in some form in September and my daughter’s definitely looking forward to seeing her friends after the extended period of “social distancing” we’ve all been living through.

The 4th of July’s one of the biggest holidays here in America, celebrating the country’s birth with picnics, fireworks and parties that were for the most part cancelled due to the pandemic. Small outdoor gatherings of less than 10 people were encouraged by local governments and due to all of the cancelled fireworks displays local citizens took over and drove to neighboring states, filled their trunks with explosives (as fireworks are not legal in New York State where we live) and had a spectacular citywide fireworks festival that lasted well into the evening. It was one of the first days that many family members and friends had seen each other in many months, so with social distancing in mind people enjoyed a little togetherness, food, drinks and of course the fireworks from their homes. Unfortunately we are still seeing our positive numbers going up here in some parts of the country, so we are still fighting this crazy thing and I hope people are taking this whole thing seriously. Goo Goo Dolls re-aired a concert we shot in a torrential rainstorm in Buffalo in 2004 on the steps of City Hall to watch with folks during this strange holiday remembering that crazy show, it’s on the “Live In Buffalo” DVD we released many years ago, check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Speaking of Goo Goo Dolls, we have released a deluxe version of our Miracle Pill album (released earlier this year) with 3 new tracks, check that out if you get a second, we’re going to be in the studio all of August working on some new music for all of you as we wait for 2021 and the entire touring world to get back on track so we can all start working again! In the meantime we have a holiday release coming up and enjoy the 3 new tracks off of the Miracle Pill deluxe edition!

Concerns over the spread of COVID19 has caused us to move The 18th Annual Music is Art Festival Online as well, the entire day of art, dance and music will be presented at Musicisart.org on September 12th! I’m shooting a video with some friends of mine in a KISS cover band called KISS THIS tomorrow afternoon for the broadcast, I sang the song Hard Luck Woman with them on an album of KISS covrs they are releasing and we are doing a music video together debut at The Music is Art Virtual Festival and we’ll have a limited edition single to sell as well. Pretty fun project, making it all happen during the pandemic …. Just crazy man.

OK, that just about does it for this month’s Robby’s Lobby offering in the [pages of The Mighty InRock … hope you all are having a great Summer considering the challenges …. Rainy seasons over you now ….. It’s about to get HOT !!!! Keep your masks on and please, be safe ….




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