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Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby for this week’s visit and thanks for joining me for a little celebration of the first month of Summer! I’m here in St’ Louis, MO today as Goo Goo Dolls are well into a 3 month Summer tour of The US with uber pop rockers Train and one of my new favorites, the ever so soulful Allen Stone! Our new single “Miracle Pill” from the soon to be released “Miracle Pill” album was released this week as we are on the road. For the first time in a very long time we were out playing the new song for a few weeks before the single was released so we had a pretty good feeling about the song from the reactions we had received as we performed it for unknowing fans during our summer set.

Since the dawn of MTV (when MTV actually played rock music videos) with every new single released comes a new promotional video, and we have made dozens of music videos over the years, it becomes a tough to come up with ideas that seem like they will stand out. In a medium that has been explored in what seems like every way possible we are always trying to find a new twist, this time I think if nothing else, well we figured out a way to have a ton of fun and I’m pretty sure we made a great video too!

The band had always wanted to make video where we just made a big mess, we didn’t have much of an idea beyond that, but we knew it could be exciting to just make a huge mess. Our friend Dan Cooper came up with a video concept that we shot over a day in East Los Angeles on a day off from the tour. We built a small white room in a warehouse studio and filled it with white furniture and white picture frames and the director had John and I dress in all white for the video. I don’t think I’ve worn all white since early childhood, but we found some outfits that worked for us and headed into the set.

We started by performing the single in the room with our white boots, white guitars amongst the white furniture, which included a small white cup atop white table. At one point John tips over the glass to reveal a cup of red paint splashing across the white table and floor, this leads to a chaotic scene of paint dripping down walls, dropping onto the set from the sky and being rocketed at us as powder and glitter is blown around the set. The video ends with a good old fashioned room trashing with guitars, couches and chairs being smashed in a wet, slippery, colorful mess …. And there it was, that mess we knew we were always looking for, our mission was accomplished as we collapsed, covered in paint and rock and roll on the couch amongst the debris ……. Can’t wait for you all to see it! We continue on the Summer US tour with Train and Allen Stone for about 40 more shows and then we will be off to South America for an appearance at Rock in Rio among others.

Osaka’s Shonen Knife’s new album "Sweet Candy Power" album was released this month on my Good Charamel Records label in North America, Europe and Mexico. You can pick it up on P-Vine records in Japan. Shonen Knife will be touring North America in 2019.

My wife and daughter are in Tokyo for the next couple of months so I’m spending a lot of time on Facetime and texting (yes I sais TEXTING) with my 7 year old from America, if you see them wandering around Tokyo please say hi!!!!! OK, That’s it for this month, thanks so much for stopping in to check up on me here in The Lobby, Enjoy the summer, and I’ll see you next month here in the pages of The Mighty In Rock!!!!


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