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Hey hey In Rockers and welcome to the lobby for this month's update from my little corner of the world, our column written to you today from the front lounge of our Prevost Tour Bus screaming down the highway towards the final few weeks of our 2016 Goo Goo Dolls Boxes tour, we just played an amazing sold out show at the legendary Beacon Theater in New York City. Our singer John and his wife are having a baby girl in December, so we're about to have a little time off over the holidays. It will be truly appreciated as we have been traveling since April and aside from a few short visits I've been away from my family for an awfully long time ... I look forward to some quality Princess Parties as well as a few marathon Batgirl viewings with my daughter and some quality time together as a family after this long trip.

We'll, you may have heard we had an election here in the US this past month, and it looks like our new president will be billionaire Donald Trump. It's been a pretty crazy election here in the US with people having strong opinions about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which led to a very, very ugly campaign that divided our country in half. I hope things work out for everyone, I know Trump has already been over to visit the Prime Minister in Japan and I'm sure things will move forward but with a twist, as is what always happens when power changes hands. President Elect Trump takes office on January 20th in Washington DC and until then we will watch as his term draws closer.

Speaking of Donald Trump, I saw a video of his granddaughter doing the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song by Piko Taro on YouTube the other day, my wife had shown the original video to me a few weeks ago, a few days later my daughter started singing it around the house ... and I just saw The Cookie Monster singing it on Sesame Street ... I think the PPAP phenomenon has made it across the ocean!

My wife Miyoko just finished up a 6 week tour of the USA with Osaka Japan's Shonen Knife in support of their latest Adventure album. The band has made it over 3000 miles around the US in a van and are now safely back in Osaka having completed another successful tour here in the states. My wife travels with the band doing merchandise and being the record label liaison for the tour, this is her 5th tour with the band but only the 2nd since the birth of our daughter, it's going to be nice to have the three of us together again.

As I mentioned Goo Goo Dolls are taking some time off in the beginning of 2017, doing just select dates until the spring including 2 shows in Manila and Bangkok in February, we were hoping to add some Japanese dates to the itinerary in Feb but unfortunately we were not able to iron out the details, so fingers crossed for some dates later in 2017. But I will be coming to visit in February at the end of the run with my family to enjoy Japan for a couple of weeks, meet up with our Good Charamel Records bands and have another Japanese adventure with my family while we're on the other side of the globe...I'll fill u in on the details as always!

Ok ... Greenville South Carolina and another rock show for GGDS tonite, and I hope you have a great month until we talk again here in the pages of the mighty InRock ... enjoy the fall and we'll see you soon!

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