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Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby and this month’s dispatch of information to my longtime friends in the mighty In Rock! Things are pretty crazy here in the US right now, if you haven’t heard there’s a huge election for President going on here, as you read this there may already be a winner. But I will tell you this is a very, very polarizing election here in America with 2 very, very unpopular politicians trying to maneuver their way into the highest office in the country it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and I’m really hoping we never see again. I spent a couple of weeks in the UK this month touring with Goo Goo Dolls, (which was amazing and we’ll get into a bit more in a moment) so I got some International perspective on the state of affairs of the American election through the eyes of some folks abroad and I’m pretty sure the rest of the world is as confused as we are about how things got to this point here. As I said, the results of this historic election will be coming soon, and the rest of the story has yet to be written, but let’s keep our fingers crossed, huh? On to some music …

As I mentioned we just finished a UK tour with Goo Goo Dolls, taking a quick trip across the pond to make rock for our friends in England and Scotland. The 6 show run began in Norwich, made it’s way to Manchester, Birminglam, Leeds, Glagow and ended with a Sold Out Show at the historic Eventim Apollo in London. Rocker Johnny Lloyd (ex front man of the Brit Pop outfit “Tribe”) opened the shows with his band and we really had a great time on a whirlwind trip around the UK. We’re planning on doing some more International touring in 2017 including a trip to Asia with a show in Manila confirmed recently for February. We are trying to schedule some shows around this trip in Asia so hopefully the stars will align soon and we can make it out to see our friends in Japan as the trip begins to take shape.

After we finished our 14 week long US Summer tour, and before we left for the aforementioned UK tour I got to spend some time at home with my daughter Hana, she has been spending some time with her grandparents as my wife is also currently away touring with Osaka punk rock legends “Shonen Knife” in the US for a 6 week, 30 date tour in support of their newest “Adventure” album. One of the hardest things about touring is being away from your family, but one of the best parts is making up for lost time with concentrated explosions of fun!!!! We went to amusement parks, playgrounds, arcades, toyshops and got some pumpkins from a pumpkin farm for Halloween! Carving pumpkins is a great tradition here in America and I loved spending some time carving Jack O Lanterns with my daughter while getting to spend some time here in Buffalo. This is one of our first Daddy/Daughter solo times as my wife is generally around making sure I don’t mess up our kid (only kidding … I think … ), so it’s been a great experience for both Hana and myself. Goo Goo Dolls begin another 6 week tour of the US soon, and Hana will be spending a week on the tour bus with me traveling with the band and living the dream in our tour bus for 24 hours a day. Now all I have to do is find a job for a 4 year old and we’ll make a roadie out of her for the time she’s out! I’ll let u all know how this experiment turns out …

Some odds and ends … we are currently working on mixes for a new mini album by Tokyo rockers MOLICE at my GCR Audio Studios for release on our Good Charamel Records label in 2017, check them out if you see their name as they are constantly appearing around the Tokyo area, and lastly we are working on a Vinyl box set of all 11 Goo Goo Dolls studio albums ready for release in April of 2017, the albums will be released in 2 box sets with original design by “Boxes” designer Brian Grunert.

Hope you are all ready for the Fall, and thanks for checking in, we’ll be busy for the next few weeks touring here in the states with openers Safety Suit in Theatres and Live rooms across the US … we’ll keep you in the loop!


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