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Heyhey INROCKERS and welcome once again to The Lobby! It's Spring here in NY and the flowers are in bloom! My wife and I are part of a committee which is involved in doing a Cherry Blossom Festival in a Japanese Garden here in Buffalo where we live. The garden was a gift from the people of Kanazawa, Japan. Kanazawa is the sister city of Buffalo, and the Japan Society of Buffalo and the Historical Society of Buffalo are involved with helping keep the garden healthy and vibrant.

There were boat rides in the large reflecting pool by the garden, tea ceremonies, origami demonstrations, strolling musicians, choral groups and a parade at the conclusion of the week long event. And of course there were cherry blossoms, the temperature was perfect in the weeks leading up to the festival and nature coincided with the event to make beautiful displays of cherry blossom for everyone to enjoy. Unlike in Japan, we schedule the festival in advance and hope the blossoms appear for the festival instead of waiting for the bloom and then calling the festival to begin! Last year's festival was very cold and there were only buds on the trees, so we ere very lucky this year to have beautiful blossoms and warm sunny weather to enjoy the moment in.

In the the theater inside the museum where the Japanese garden is located they had a puppet show accompanied by shamisen and koto called "Kaguya Hime". This wonderful story was performed in English for the English speaking audience and was followed by a short program of instrumental and vocal performances. My three year old daughter, Hana actually joined the chorusハon stage with us to sing "Sakura" song at the conclusion of the performance!

Also, I did a press conference announcing the 9/12/15 date of the 13th annual Music is Art Festival in Buffalo. It's a free festival of music, art, dance and performance art that takes place over 12 hours featuring artists and musicians from our region on 13 stages. This year 2 Japanese acts, Pinky Doodle Poodle and MOLICE from Tokyo will be performing sets at the festival along with over 100 other musical acts. I will also be producing a new album for MOLICE for my Good Charamel Records label in September as well!

And speaking of Good Charamel, Our artists Shonen Knife from Osaka will be here in the US this month touring the NE United States doing 17 shows with the legendary CJ Ramone of the Ramones, as well as a benefit show for my Music is Art organization in Buffalo and a performance at the Collasalcon anime convention in Ohio. We will keep you up to date on their travels as well as our other friends rom Japan as they come to spread their J Rock awesomeness around my country!

I head to Los Angeles in a couple of days to do more work on the new Goo Goo Dolls album with Johnny as well as a couple of rehearsals leading up to a show in NY at the Belmont Stakes. The Belmont. Stakes is a horse race, which is one of the most famous races in the sports history, the last trophy in the triple crowne of racing. The American rock band O.A.R. will also playing to the nearly 90,000 people in attendanceハwith us. The first couple of songs will beハshown live on national television here in the states on NBC TV most likely available on satellite in Japan, check your local listings!

That's all for this month! Enjoy the Spring and be happy! Talk Soon...

Peace, Robby
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