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Hey Hey INRockers.

Hope your Spring has been awesome so far! The Cherry Blossoms are blooming and short pants are making their way out of the dresser drawers and into the streets as the warm weather begins to reveal it's magic to the shivering masses!

We've been busy with the Easter Season here in the US. The Goo Goo Dolls have been on tour with the Otis Midnigh Sessions all this month, an acoustic show designed to be a ''storytellers'' type presentation, covering songs and stories from the past 29 years of GGDS history. Most of the venues are very small 400-600 seat theaters making for an intimate show (and a very difficult ticket to acquire).

The show begins with John (our lead singer) coming out and doing a solo vocal/guitar piece and I join him on bass partway through the second song. Song by song we add band members, drums, piano and another acoustic guitar; within a few songs the entire 5 piece-touring band is onstage performing. As the show continues our opening band on the OMS tour called Run River North begin to file onto the stage a few members at a time to join us armed with violins, mandolins, guitars, percussion and voices, they enter and exit one by one until the stage is filled with 11 people performing acoustic versions of songs from our 10 album strong recording catalog.

It's been an amazing trip so far, we have about another 6 shows left on this special series of acoustic dates, but I have a feeling we'll be doing some more over time as the response to these shows have been amazing and the dates booked for this short run were all in the North Eastern USA. Stay tuned to Robby's Lobby here in In Rock for details on any upcoming Otis Midnight shows or check out Robbyslobby.com to just check in on me any time at all!

In Good Charamel Records news my label is releasing 3 new albums in North America from 3 of our favorite J-Rock axts. The first release is Osaka's Shonen Knife's 19thハstudio release ''Overdrive'', the album is a tip of the hat to 70s metal and hard rock and like all Shonen Knife records, is just a lot of fun to listen to. Shonen Knife will be here touring North America in September and October 2014, they are currently preparing for dates in Japan and Europe in support of their exciting new release!

And a week after the ''Overdrive'' album release Good Charamel released the debut North American release from Tokyo's Pinky Doodle Poodle, an album recorded between Tokyo and my hometown of Buffalo, NY. PDP came to the US to do a few shows and record the majority of this release and will return to the US for select dates including a performance at the J Pop Summit in San Francisco CA in July.

And the last of the 3 releases on GC is the newest rlease from Tokyo's MOLICE called ''Resonance Love'' this is the 4thMOLICE release we've offered to the people of N. America by MOLICE. This album continues the sci-fi / lo-fi journey that the band has been on since their debut release ''Doctor Ray'' in 2008. Check out www.goodcharamel.com to check out all 3 of these great bands.

OK In Rockers, headed to a soundcheck and another gig this evening in, uh, (let's see, I have to check the itinerary) Lexington Kentucky and then we pack up and we head to one of my favorite American cities tomorrow; Chicago ! Hope you all have a great month and we'll be back next time with edition #103 of Robby's Lobby. All the best to you...


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