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Hey hey In Rockers and welcome to edition 101 of The Lobby, glad to see you're back for the next 100 installments of my life blog here at In Rock. It's been a long, long frigid winter here in the Eastern US. Although I've been on tour for the past month, the majority of our time was spent in Canada, one of the only places in North America colder than the Northeastern US! So we're really looking forward to Spring and the warmer days we see occasionally as the seasons make their annual change to the nicer weather.

GGDS Canadian tour ended in Victoria British Columbia, after 3 weeks of driving on snowy highways through the mountains and forests we have grown used to seeing between major cities up north, it was nice to get back home for a few days, see my family and spend a little time playing on the floor with my little girl Hana. She's 2 years old now and loves to sing and dance while we play guitars together in our house, I thin k she's a natural talent (but all parents probably think this same thing).

After a couple of days home we had an appearance on a show here in the US called The Conan Obrien show, it was the first national variety/interview show our band had ever done, I think it was in 1993 (yikes), during that performance we played a song called ''Falling Down'' from our ''Superstar Car Wash'' album when the show taped in New York City, twenty some years later we were back on the show taping in Los Angeles and performing the song ''Come to Me'' from our latest album ''Magnetic''. It was awesome to be able to return to the show all these years later and perform again for the studio audience and all of the fans at home, if you'd like to check it out go to teamcoco.com and search for goo goo dolls, it will pop right up for you!

I'm currently sitting in another airport (I seem to talk to you all from the airport quite often actually), waiting for a flight to Los Angeles for rehearsals for a cool little acoustic tour of small US clubs the band is doing called ''The Otis Midnight Session'', it will feature a collection of songs from our catalog that were recorded as acoustic tracks, as well as some songs that we are going to adapt to the acoustic format. To make this latest project even more interesting there will be a great opening band on the tour called Run River North from Los Angeles, They feature a couple of violin players and the members of the band will be performing with us after their set as well, lending us their talents to help make the tour something even more special. We'll be filming a few of the performances (including a fan club only show in our home town of Buffalo, NY) for a documentary DVD to be released sometime in the near future. I'll fill you in on the progress and send some pics next month so you all can check it out!

Even through all the playing, travelling and rehearsing I have managed to keep up with the March Grand SUMO Championship in Osaka, spending each and every morning reviewing the outcomes from the night before. My wife Miyoko and I are cheering for our favorites including the Egyptian Osunaarashi and of course supporting Endo who we all hope can become Yokuzuna and bring the honor of that position back to Japan! It is so exciting to watch Hakuho and Harumafuji and their masterful Sumo techniques, Hakuho seems so unbelievably focused with a look in his eye which reminds me of an animal getting ready to attack. I really enjoy watching the matches and we hope to visit a Sumo training facility next time we come to spend some time in Japan, maybe we can even get a picture of little Hana with one of the wrestlers, or if we're really lucky, she can try to have a match of her own!

Thanks so much for stopping in to check in on me, I'll be back next month with and let you know how the ''Otis Midnight Sessions'' tour is going along with some pics and just another chance to say hello to my friend at In Rock, that does it for #101, we'll talk soon !

Peace !

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