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Hey Hey INROCKERS and Welcome to the Lobby this month, I am on a tour bus in London, Ontario (that's Canada, not England) waiting for the crowd to load in to one of about 20 shows on a cross country Canadian Tour through February and March. For the past 99 editions here in In Rock, each month I compose my thoughts on what when on over the past month in my life and the world around us and share these thoughts with all of you. It's probably as close to keeping a diary of any sort that I've ever had. Each month that I sit and reflect upon the month before it makes me take a look at the last little bit of my life, and I've really grown to enjoy the process, I thank my friends at INROCK as well as the readers that have allowed me to keep this whole thing going for the past 99, and now 100th edition.

So much has happened in the world, with my band, as well as in my personal life since I started this column almost 8.5 years ago. It is great to have shared all of these moments with you all, from gigs around the world with my band, the recording and release of 3 GGDS albums and my passion for spreading the word about some of my record labels Japanese artists in the North America to the birth of my baby girl Hana in 2012.

There's been so many trips to Japan shared with you all here as well, from our last JP performance in 2007 at the Summersonic shows, to my personal trips all over Japan with my family in Tokyo. Trips awesome places in Japan like Kyodo, Shimoda, Okinawa, Matsumoto and many others were discussed as I learn more and more about Japanese culture and the lives of people of Japan.ハ We shared our thoughts when the events of 3/11 devastated the coast of Japan and watched as the world supported Japan's journey to overcome the days tragic events and move forward despite the enormous challenges that were involved with such a life altering incident. Each time I return to visit and with each day I spend in Japan the more I love being there. I will be back soon, and as always I'll be sharing my adventures with my friends in In Rock.

To celebrate the 100th edition of the column we'd like to start by giving away a package of Goo Goo Dolls stuff (and just some fun stuff as well) to a lucky INROCK reader this month. Some tour T-shirts, a hat, a tote bag, some PEZ and some autographed stuff as well. Thanks again to all of you for supporting the column over the past 100 editions and good luck with the contest! Details for the contest are included in this month's magazine!

OK, Goo Goo Dolls have been busy, busy, busy over the last month, doing shows for VH1 and FOX television during the NFL Super Bowl week in NYC. We played an outdoor show along the Hudson River (yes, in January), with temperatures below 0 degrees and high winds all through the evening we played to a small but brave crowd along with American rock bands Daughtry and The Fray for a program aired nationally on Fox TV, and yes, it was cold, so much so that each band only played 3 songs and then headed back to the warmth and safety of our trailers behind the stage.

Our Canadian tour takes us from The East Coast of Canada (Montreal) to the West (Victoria), driving through the plains of Canada in February can be pretty taxing for a band, cold and icy conditions make for rough travel, but the warmth of the Canadian people always makes the trip more than awesome. We'll have some more info on the Canadian tour in edition 101 !

Before I sign off today, I'd like to say I really enjoyed watching Hanyu, Machida, Takahashi, Suzuki, Murakami and Mao Chan skate in Sochi for the 2014 games, Hanyu obviously took the gold and Japan shared in the celebration of his victory. But I have to mention my feelings about Mao Chan, even though she had a problem with her short program, she showed Japan her best in her 2nd skate with a nearly flawless performance to finish up her Olympic Career, congratulations to Mao Chan and congratulations to all of the Japanese Olympic athletes for being part of another great Olympic Games !

Ok, That's 100 ! I will talk to all of you soon and please enter to win the prize package to celebrate !!!!! Talk soon !

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