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Buffalo’s own Goo Goo Dolls are marking their tenth release with a good vibe. Recorded during some of 2012 and 2013, the album, entitled Magnetic, sheds light on better times and has a more upbeat groove than their previous effort, Something for the Rest of Us.

Bassist Robby Takac had time to sit down with Examiner.com for details about the new album, how Magnetic compares to Dizzy Up The Girl, and the band’s dynamics today.

In a recent interview with CNN, Johnny Rzeznik admitted that he quit drinking. Do you think that that had anything to do with the last’s album mood or do you think it had a lot do with what was going on in the world at the time?

I think the last album was pretty dark. There was some dark stuff going on there. I think we have been looking things at a different way in approaching this new record.

How are the band’s dynamics as of today?

They’re good. We are happy to make things happen again. We got good people around us and the band is tighter than ever. We are ready to go.

Do you think Magnetic goes back to your sixth album, Dizzy Up The Girl?

I wouldn’t say it goes back to Dizzy, but there is a definite attempt to make this record feel lighter than have a dark cloud hang around from the last album.

What’s your favorite new track to play live and why?

“Keep the Car Running” because it has a cool groove to it.

Do you think that will be released as a single?

I don’t know—but I heard “Come to Me” is the next single from the album. We don’t pick the singles from the album. It’s up to the record label to have the songs play on the radio. All the tracks are up online all the time.

You will be touring with Matchbox Twenty?

Yes, that is an idea that our agents had and they suggested the tour. We asked around and we got an overwhelming yes. We put a few shows on sale and we got an amazing response.

The band has played Soho Apple Store and MLB Fancave. Do you like the more intimate settings show or do you prefer the arena rock-style tours?

The big shows are awesome and so are the festivals—but you know what we like playing them all. We turn anything into a rock show.

Do you see any rock bands coming out from the Buffalo, NY scene? Are there any ones that are on your radar?

There’s a lot of good music happening in Buffalo right now—I Can See Mountains, Pentimento. There is a lot of bands coming out of Buffalo right now.

Magnetic is due out this Tuesday, June 11.
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