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Summer concerts are in full swing in Boston and elsewhere in Massachusetts, and it was nearly a perfect summer night at the Bank of America Pavilion on the shores of Boston.

Parachute were the first band to take the stage, they were very well received for an opening band. They formed in 2008 after the members graduated college they have been on tour ever since and it showed. Their sound was very tight and they seemed to have more experience under their belt than the average opener. A highlight of their set was when front man Will Anderson came out into the crowd during the song “Ghost.” Although a little generic musically, their music was pleasant to the ears and had all the long-time fans including some new ones into what they were doing, great for an opening act.

Michelle Branch hit the stage next equipped with her guitar, and two other band members (guitar and bass). Having no drummer left some of the audience perplexed but her stage presence and confidence made it less apparent that a live band member was missing. There were also some fans front and center from the stage, holding up signs that showed their adoration toward Branch. Although she had to play with a drum machine it still sounded decent but a live drummer would have been best. She played most, if not all of her hit songs, from The Spirit Room (2001) and Hotel Paper (2003). including a song by her shortly lived side project, the Wreckers. Branch also mentioned her new album West Coast Time will be out in September, and played a strong cut from it titled “Loud Music.” Look for her to be back in the fall supporting West Coast Time.

After two strong opening acts, it was Goo Goo Dolls turn to work their stage magic. The fans were eager and packed into the steamy tent that was somewhat empty for the first two performers. The stage was even vacuumed for bassist/singer Robby Takac who likes to rock out barefoot then they were ready to go. The black balloons were being inflated by fans in the first row in anticipation of the band playing the song of the same name.

The boys named Goo played 21 songs, including some "experimental" older songs off of their 1993 album Superstar Car Wash. All songs were well presented and singer John Rzeznik seemed focused and satisfied with the crowds reaction, although hidden behind sun glasses throughout the whole set which could relate to his shyness or simply getting away from bright lights.

Highlights of the set were “January Friend,” “Black Balloon,” “Something for the Rest of Us,” and “Name.” They also played some other great songs including “Tucked Away,” “Better Days,” and “Iris.” The set was packed with fan favorites. The whole bill was filled with musicians that knew how to win crowds over, and based on the reactions for each performer, they had done their job well. 
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