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The Goo Goo Dolls have ridden the music industry train through the valleys, mountains and rough patches of track that have plagued it over the last two decades.

One thing throughout has remained constant: the fans.

On the phone from Los Angeles, bassist Robby Takac told us the fans were the “oil” that has allowed the Goo Goo Dolls machine to keep operating.

Churning out hit after hit, it hasn’t been hard for the band to draw in new fans or keep the old ones happy.

At the band’s concert Friday, fans will want to hear hits and probably some songs from the band’s latest album, “Something for the Rest of Us,” but Takac said the band is eager to perform a new batch of tunes.

“We’ve been playing the same group of songs from that record for a while,” he said. “We’re changing out a couple of new songs from the upcoming record that we haven’t played yet. It’s obviously brand new to be playing in front of people.”

Takac said they like to change songs out from the set, but if they don’t play a certain six or seven songs, “we’re not going to get out of the place alive.” There also are several others audiences usually expect.

So no matter what, the band feels like it has to play songs such as “Name,” “Iris” or “Slide.”

“We toured with a band that did that often, didn’t play their biggest song,” Takac said. “I won’t say who they are, but they didn’t play ‘Mr. Jones’ most nights. (laughs) If they did, they played this weird acoustic version of it. I found myself disappointed when I watched it.”
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