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It was my own mini-Woodstock.  Well, mine and 2,500 of my friends.  Friday night at Stir Cove could not have been more fun, rain and all. 

The night kicked off early with a brief set by Parachute, a band out of Charlottesville, VA and relatively new to the pop and indie rock scene.  The band has been touring with such artists at OAR and Kelly Clarkson and is making a name for their selves in this genre.  They are young, they are energetic and I look for them to be around for a long time.  The crowd was appreciative, and Parachute provided an excellent segue into a night of total pleasure.

Shortly afterwards, award winning Michelle Branch took her place on stage and kicked things up another notch, which tells you the heat wasn’t only in the air!  She rocked, she rolled and she was honored with cheers and the loud approval of the crowd.  It was a great set, and while Michelle has done a number of collaborative efforts, she has proven that she is quite capable and talented on her own.

But – the fun wasn’t over. It was truly just heating up.  By the time the Goo Goo Dolls stepped out, the crowd had swelled and everyone was on their feet.  And baby, the Dolls didn’t disappoint.  Early on, they broke into Slide and I swear the entire audience was noddin’ and dancing.  It was fantastic.  And then, the skies began to open up and give us some heat relief.  As the rains slowly came down, the energy of both the band and the fans grew.  It was magic at its best.  Did we look pretty?  No.  Did we care?  Double no.  It was just fun and music and dancing and pure joy.  One thing I love about the Goo Goo Dolls is that regardless of how many concerts they do, they always give their fans the hits they know and love.  They play for and to the crowd.  It is part of what makes them so good in concert.  Some bands only play what they want and leave their crowd hanging – but not the Goo Goo Dolls.  And that is probably why they draw the audience that they do.  This was the 2nd year in a row for the Dolls, and I personally would love to see them back again. 

Rain never dampened the spirits of the multitudes, nor the spirits of the outstanding staff at Stir Cove.  Smiles were large, cheers were constant and attitudes were perfect.  The Cove is the place to be this summer and there are plenty of options out there for the rest of the season.  Don’t miss your chance for a fantastic musical experience – visit www.stircove.com to see the lineup and grab some tickets.  I guarantee you, rain or shine, you will have the time of your life!

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