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Switchfoot was the opening band. I don't really know their music, but they were entertaining. It was really fun when the lead singer came out into the crowd and climbed up onto the railings and sang.

This is the third time I've seen the Goo Goo Dolls. They are really great live. Before the show, Carol and I got a glimpse of the GGD drummer watching the opening band from the side of the stage. There was also a cute little young couple in front of us who were having a great time. The guy had a drink with a straw in it and he was standing there, dancing his little white boy dance, and he kept looking around as if to see if anyone else was enjoying the show. Durning some of the songs, he and his girlfriend would act out the songs - like on Stay With You they would act out "take my hand and run for cover". They were funny.

A couple of funny things from the band:
Johnny was joking around with the crowd and made some comment about a dude, but then realized that the "dude" was acutally a woman. He backpedalled and tried to make up for it, but he just kept digging himself a deeper hole. He finally
just shut up and sang another song.

There was other talk about a St. Louis treat. Someone brought the band a Gooey Butter Cake and Robbie said her really liked it. If I was a rock star I would want people to bring me pastries from their city!
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