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The Goo Goo Dolls’ Robby Takac tries not to freeze during the band’s Canadian leg. To stay warm, he reminisces about his love of Canadian rock, heard on the airwaves of his youth in Buffalo, NY.

Just woke up… and ….eeeeehhhhhhyyyyaaaaaaa!!!...and where are we today?... I promised myself that I was gonna get to this blog first thing in the morning today, and since it’s all or nothing with me most of the time, I left the laptop right here by the bed…and here we are…

Give me a moment to check the hotel phone on the nightstand. After touring for the past 25 years, I’ve discovered the hotel address is usually printed on the top of the phone and the quickest way to avoid looking like a total jerk….and today’s winner is…AAhhhhh…It’s Regina, Saskatchewan! It’s all coming back to me now….The Goo Goo Dolls’ Canadian tour 2011’s been out for about three weeks now, two left to go before we head back to the States.

I really love Canada. It’s cold as hell this time of year, but I love it here. Maybe it’s because of my growing up in Buffalo, NY – Canada always seemed like the shining place across the river that I could see from my slowly rusting hometown, and when I got in the car and crossed the bridge it signified the start of some awesome vacation days spent on the beaches of the Great Lakes and the Niagara River.

But, for now it is so cold here the beaches of Canada are a distant memory as all I can really think about when I get outdoors on this trip is getting from one warm space to another without freezing to death between the hotel doors and the bus. I’m not kidding, it’s -24 degrees Fahrenheit as we speak. What an embarrassing obituary, “Man Freezes to Death in Saskatchewan Hyatt Parking Lot.” Not how I wanted to see it all climax..anyways…

The tour’s been going great, started in St. John’s, Newfoundland, did a couple of shows there after being diverted to Nova Scotia because of icy runways the night before (it’s tough travelling these parts this time of year). We’ve had a few openers on this leg including Steven Page (formerly of the Barenaked Ladies) doing a solo set w/ his band, pretty cool package for sure. We’ll be finishing up this Canadian leg in Vancouver, BC before heading into the studio to work on some songs and pick up w/ more shows in the Midwest in April. Maybe I should make a note – we just might want to take into consideration all this snow and ice up here this time of year next time we book a Canadian tour…I’m just sayin’.

Not surprised it’s been great crowds up here, this place is really musically motivated for sure. Canada’s supplied us with some of our most crucial rock staples over the years, from Neil Young, Rush, BTO and Paul Anka to The Dayglo Abortions and SNFU to Sarah McLaughlin and Bryan Adams…

I could go on, but like I mentioned growing up in Buffalo we were constantly exposed to Canadian rock, and thanks to the Canadian content laws of the time we heard a ton of it on our radio stations we picked up from the Toronto/Fort Erie area, bands like Coney Hatch, April Wine, The Guess Who and Chilliwack were just bands on the radio like the rest of them.

So I guess our camp has a bit of a soft spot for this place, so much so that a good portion of our crew is from the great land of Canada, you know, it sort of reminds me of the United States, if everyone were nice… Okay, I’ve gone on enough…Too much expounding on vintage Canadian rock before 10am can be fatal to the rest of your morning, next thing you know I’ll be going on about “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”!

Thanks for checking in this month, check out www.RobbysLobby.com for links to all of my “anti-social” network information and from the Great White North. I bid you a fond “right on aye”!


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