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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goo Goo Dolls


Cancun, Mexico

VH1 'Countdown to Cancun' Inaugural Flight
Private performance

Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
My bag went on vacation, and when it came back, all it brought me was some old t-shirts !! ... nice to see him though .......
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
OH, US Airways...my bag wasn't lost by a machine, why must i talk to one ? ... how about some help from a semi-caring human ?
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
If anyone sees someone dressed like me walking around the Yucatan Peninsula grab them and drop me a line . . . . .
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
My luggage had such a great time in Cancun it decided not to come home !!!!
Robby Takac @RobbyTakac
Last day in cancun ... Headed back to the B-Lo for a few days ... Then off to Hawaii for another coupla songs ... Nuts