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The spring concert with the Goo Goo Dolls was canceled this morning due to 50-60 mph winds.

"Northeastern Productions, stated that ‘in 40 years, [it] has never had to cancel a show due to these circumstances,"' BSG President Eric May said.

BSG contracted the services of Northeastern Productions to put on the concert.

 May said in the event of rain, BSG could've still held the show – with a roof over the stage – but the severe winds would have created a dangerous situation.    

"With a roof, 60 mph winds could have literally picked up the stage off the ground and injured students, guests and the artists, in addition to causing more than $1,000,000 worth of damage," May said.

BSG is negotiating with the artists' management, May said, and The Stylus will report any further developments as new information becomes available. The BSG box office will be issuing refunds for tickets until the end of the academic year, during its regular business hours.
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