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Hey Hey In Rockers and Happy New Year to you all ! I’m writing this column from the warmth and safety of my own living room in Buffalo, NY having finished the last show of a Christmas Radio station tour over the last month. The holiday radio shows are a custom here in the States, they are spread all over the country so we fly, drive and do whatever is needed to get to the next city and spread some holiday cheer ? in goo goo dolls style! The shows were with numerous other acts such as Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Australia’s Dean Lewis, Maddie Poppe, Natasha Bedingfield and Hanson among others …. We spent the last few weeks with evenings full of Christmas treats, tons of DJs in ugly Christmas sweaters and lots and lots of music. In a strange twist we finished the last show of the run here in Buffalo, so I got to drive my car home from the last show and spend time with my family right away! ? Happy Holidays to ME!

Goo Goo Dolls had a pretty intense year, we did over 125 shows across the US, Southeast Asia, Canada, Mexico and South America, recorded and released our new album Miracle Pill and there’s no sign of slowing down in 2020 with dates in Asia, The UK, Europe and another Summer US tour in the works as we speak! We look forward to making our way to some places we have never been, or haven’t visited in a very long time. And, we will have some exciting news for our friends in Japan coming up soon too, so keep your eyes fixed on The Lobby for updates!

Since I’ve been back I’ve been splitting my days between hanging out with my daughter Hana, doing some snow sledding, crafting, ice skating, seeing some cool “kid” movies and stuff, and being in the studio with Buffalo based band Mom Said No working on their second album for release later this year. Funny thing about this band is, I recorded the 18-year-old singer/guitarist’s father’s band many years ago and here I find myself in with my friend’s kid making a record with the next generation of that family. It’s pretty wild being in a room with your buddie’s kid’s band, sitting back, watching them make great songs and helping them along to carry the torch of the future of Buffalo rock!

In a short break between our fall and Christmas tours we headed to Los Angeles to do a new music video for the next single from the Miracle Pill album, a moody, yet uplifting song John wrote called Autumn Leaves. The video was directed by our new friend Matt Mahurin who is known for his work with the likes of U2, Peter Gabriel, Disturbed, Tom Waits, Sting and so many others. We shot the video right at his property in California, he and his wife invited us into their home and we spent a full day shooting our parts of the video in some isolated bungalows located in a ravine on their property. It really was a pleasure to meet someone with a creative mind like Matt’s and we’re really looking forward to doing some more work with him in the future.

We soar proudly into 2020 together and I look forward to seeing what adventures and emotions come with this new year, and I also look forward to sharing these adventures and goings on with my friends in In Rock. It’s crazy, for well over a decade now we’ve been getting togethers in these pages, and here we go again, another new year to share ... please be safe, be happy and I’ll see you next month here in The Lobby!

Happy New Year !!!!!!!

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