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Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome once again to The Lobby here in the pages of the mighty, mighty In Rock! Last time we spoke we were in Texas readying the band for the first leg of our latest “Miracle Pill” Tour and since then we’ve completed 22 shows in a month! The shows are in theatres all over the US, some of them newer performing arts centers and many being historic old movie/vaudeville houses built in the early 1900s. They really are beautiful rooms and have such rich history connected to them; it’s really an honor to be part of those legacies by making music in these celebrated rooms.

We’ve been hiding a “miracle pill” in a bunch of cities on the day of the show, the miracle pill (which is about the size of an iPhone) opens up, containing meet and greet passes for the show in the city that evening. It’s been a lot of fun walking around the cities in the morning and finding spots to hide the pill, we’d seek out well known landmarks, statues, notable public art pieces and recognizable places like that and find a good hiding place. Once we hid the pill we’d take a picture of the area and then we’d post an announcement and the photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A couple of days I got to sit in the area and watch people searching the area for the pill, it’s kind of fun and they all surely appreciated the passes when we saw them later in the day at the meet and greet!

The tour’s gone out with2 opening bands, the fist half done by the band “The Unlikely Candidates” from Texas and the last half of the dates with Philadelphia’s “Beach Slang”. We even had some time to visit Mt Rushmore and a few other sights along the way during some short breaks in the tour! This initial fall leg of the Miracle Pill tour will be finished in a couple of days, ending in Toronto, Canada at The Queen Elizabeth Theater. I took my daughter to see her favorite Japanese band PERFUME there a while back so I’m excited to play a show in that same venue. We have a short break for the Thanksgiving holiday and then we’ll be going out to do 2 more weeks of dates featuring a bunch of radio station “Holiday Shows” around the US. When we are finished with those dates in mid December I’ll be headed home to Buffalo for the last show of 2019. I’ll get to spend some time at home for the start of the holidays, and then just like that I’m off to Japan to spend the remainder of the year in Tokyo with our friends and family in Japan!

We tend to do some adventuring while in Japan when we visit, so I’ll try to bring you along for the fun and keep you up to date on the going on in the New Year for the band as well. I hope you all have a great 2020, I’m super excited for the future and look forward to sharing further little glimpses of my life and my love of Japan with all of the readers of Robby’s Lobby as we have been doing for the past 12+ years!

Ok, off to soundcheck and a show in Atlantic City, NJ tonight … we have a video shoot coming up next week, i'll fill u in on that and more soon .... have a great New Year and I look forward to sharing 2020 with all of you!


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