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Hey Hey In Rockers and thanks for taking another trip into The Lobby w/ me this month, it's the first day of Spring as I write this month's column and I'm in Los Angeles in rehearsals for the upcoming Goo Goo Dolls 2016 ''Boxes'' tour. We have a full Summer of shows booked here in North America with the bands Collective Soul and Tribe Society playing over 60 shows between July and October! We are beginning press and media for this record cycle booking TV appearances, Radio and Podcast appearances and beginning the harried process that leads to a full year of promoting and touring on a new release.

Warner Brothers Records in NYC had a great listening party for their staff debuting the new album at their new offices a couple of weeks ago, with some food, drinks and an excited staff ready to take these new songs to the public! We have a listening party for the staff in LA tomorrow at the WBR Burbank offices that we walked through the doors of over 20 years ago to begin this adventure, at this point we've been there longer than most of (if not all of) the current staff, but we are excited to move forward with this new team and spread the gospel of ''Boxes'' to the masses. We'll let u know how it goes.

But let's back up a bit! It's been a pretty busy month outside of GGDS as well, I helped a friend out with a live broadcast of a charity telethon for an organization called ''Variety Club'' to help raise money for medical supplies and assistance for children in need in our hometown of Western New York. I answered some phones, did some on camera segments and signed some guitars to help this amazing group of people raise over 1 million dollars for kids in need. We also attended another fundraiser for The Friends of The Japanese Garden in Buffalo's Cherry Blossom festival, which is held in April. My wife Miyoko and I are on the committee for the event and we have heard due to the unusually warm weather in the US this winter the gardeners are expecting the blossoms to be blooming early this year so we really are hoping the cycles of nature coincide with the planned dates for the event!

At our GCR Audio recording studios we just finished up an album for a ''synth'' based rock band called The Tins from Buffalo (that I co-produced with the band), we have been working on it for the past few months and are super excited it's finished. The Tins are a great band and renowned artist Philip Burke (Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair) has agreed to do the cover art for the self titled release. I'll let you guys know when and where it will be available soon. We are also hosting fellow Buffalonians Every Time I Die at the studio as they record their upcoming album through the month of April. We're super excited to have this hugely influential band in the studio making their new music, and are super happy to be keeping it local too!

The new Shonen Knife album ''Adventure'' is being released on our Good Charamel Record label in the US on April 1st and on March 23rd in Japan on P-Vine check it out ''Osaka's best'' we love these guys and we know you will too!

That's it for this month... talk soon and have a great Spring!
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