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Hey Hey IN ROCKERS and Welcome to the Lobby, this month I've collected my ideas here in Los Angeles, California as Goo Goo Dolls are working with producer Drew Pearson returning to the historic Henson Studios in Hollywood. Drew's a cool and talented guy, it's the first time we have done work with him, he's recorded with Katy Perry and Kesha in the past and we're in the midst of doing 3 songs with him in Studio B.

Henson Studios are owned by Jim Henson Productions (creators of The Muppets) and was formerly known as A and M Studios which had hosted the likes of Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, U2, Black Sabbath and so many more, since it opened in the 60s. Henson also played host to Goo Goo Dolls in the past for portions of 2 of our past albums; ''Let Love In'' and ''Something for the Rest of Us''.

When we were recording last month in Washington I used a vintage bass they had at the studio called an EKO bass which is an Italian version of a violin shaped bass the Beatles made famous, I loved the way it sounded and was looking for one when I arrived here in LA. I went to a great vintage guitar store called Norms that has a great collection of unusual old instruments and they showed me to a Japanese made bass called a Ventura Scroll Top Violin bass made in the late 60s. So, now I am an owner of a Japanese made copy of an Italian copy of a classic German Bass, and it sounded great on the track we cut last night!

We'll be doing some more recording here in LA with producer John Shanks as well; he helped us out with a few songs on our last album ''Magnetic'' and will be producing a few songs on this new album as well.

We've played a few shows here in the US as well over the past month, a few public shows and a few private shows as well, one was in The Bahama Islands, which let me take some time to hang with my family in the sun and the ocean. We had some great time together and I got the chance to relax for a short time and have a few frozen drinks in the pool before we get super busy with the recording process.

Tokyo's Pinky Doodle Poodle has been in the US and staying with us at our house in Buffalo, NY doing some touring as well as recording their 3rd album at our studio GCR Audio. They have done shows in 11 US cities over the past month in the Midwestern and North Eastern US supporting the release of their 2nd album here in the US (October 16th). Check out GoodCharamel.com to hear music from Pinky Doodle Poodle and some of the other cool Japanese bands I work with here in the US!

What else? GGDS head to NY to do some more recording next month with Gregg Wattenberg at Quad studios in Manhattan, I'll include some shots from those sessions in NY next month, and enjoy the shots from the Drew Pearson sessions included in this month's column!

Thanks so much for checking in with me, Oh and I had a birthday last month too, you know, had some nice cake and a fun day with my family. That's how u do it! Hope you have a great month and I look forward to seeing you all again next month here in the pages of In Rock!

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