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For their ninth studio album, Goo Goo Dolls guitarist Robby Takac described the album as having a darker sound during a recent interview with Alternative Addiction.

“You never know how a record is going to do commercially. This record’s a little dark, but times are a little dark right now,” Takac said. “It’s about a glimmer of hope, and I feel like that really comes across on this record.”

The title of the album, Something for the Rest of Us, is actually quite appropriate considering the album is inspired by the struggles that so many Americans have faced with the economic downturn in the past few years.

“The tone of the record was very much guided by ourselves, and that made the process pretty organic,” explained Takac who admitted the recording process for this album was much different than their previous session for Let Love In with producer Glen Ballard.

“We had a little bit more control over what the record sounded like this time than we did the last time. And I am a big fan of our last record, I am not bashing it, but I think there was a lot of Glen Ballard’s personality interjected into that record. I think this one is much more pure.”

With a near four year hiatus, Takac says he’s just excited to have new music ready to be released.

“It’s exciting because it’s all ahead of us now. We have done so much just sitting around for the last three years getting this record done, waiting for people to be available, so it’s really nice to be active now.”

The timing for the release might turn out to be perfect, as Takac believes that many music fans are yearning for something with a bit more substance that much of the music that is played on radio today.

“This is a really great time for us to take a step out with some real music again,” said Takac. “There is a lot of prefab stuff that is out there right now that people are getting fed, I think it’s a really great time for this kind of record again.”

Something for the Rest of Us is slated for a late June or early July release according to Takac, which will be followed by a North American arena tour with Switchfoot and another band to be announced. A European tour is also in the works for later this fall.

At all the shows on the tour, the band has again teamed with USA Harvest to collect canned goods for local food banks at each stop on the tour. The band encourages all their fans to bring canned goods to donate at all their tour dates.

Source: http://www.alternativeaddiction.com/musicnews/article/1713/Goo-Goo-Dolls-Ready-Darker-New-Album
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