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Robby Takac

Goo Goo Dolls Bassist and founder of Music Is Art Foundation

Of all the Goo Goo Dolls, you’ve made the most public investments locally, in the Music Is Art Foundation and your record label, Good Charamel Records. Why did you put down roots in Buffalo?
“There’s something in the water here that makes you want to be around it. It’s not immediately obvious why we all love Buffalo, but there’s a heart here and there’s a real feeling of com munity. I moved back to Buffalo from LA and, within days, I knew all my neighbors again. It just seems to make more sense.”

How long have you been full-time in Buffalo?
“We started building the studio four years ago. I’ve had places in Buffalo and LA for ages, but I’ve been exclusively in Buff alo for the past two years, on the South side. And my studio, Good Charamel Records, is in Allentown.”

What’s your favorite small venue you’ve played in Buffalo?
“On my label, I’ve signed a band called Shonen Knife, and we do shows down at the Mohawk [Place] a lot. We like a small venue like that for a good time, big-night-out party. The Town Ballroom is an amazing venue, as well. We’ve had some great shows there, and they’re constantly bringing in top talent.”
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