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John Rzeznik loves playing for a football crowd.

``Everybody is so amped. It's like a massive party!''

So when he and the Goo Goo Dolls were asked to perform at the Orange Bowl halftime show, Rzeznik didn't blink.

``I love the crowd. Their energy is so contagious.''

After the game, the boys will take a break before touring in Canada.

``I think my manager wants me dead!'' he joked. ``He sends me to Arizona and Florida in the summer and Canada in the winter.''

But really, he's not mad.

``I'm happy to be working. I have a lot of musician and roadie friends who are looking for work.''

The Dolls' music has changed over the years; the songs aren't all like Iris anymore.

``We changed. We're not in our 20s or 30s anymore. We evolved and progressed as people.''

What he enjoys most is the fans.

``It might be a story about how the music helped them get through a divorce or chemo,'' he says.

``Those are stories that really make me feel like we're still relevant. That we still have an impact on people's lives.''

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