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Sept 14, 2005

The multi-platinum selling and most successful band ever from Buffalo, NY the Goo Goo Dolls are currently in a L.A. studio recording and writing for a new CD with famed producer Glen Ballard. This highly anticipated CD is a crucial release in the band’s career. Will they go back to selling millions of CD’s or will they downslide? We will have to wait to find out. But, if the band’s first single “Better Days” is any indication of what’s to come, the GGD are going to be dominating the charts all over again. If you don’t believe me, go over to www.googoodolls.com and listen to “Better Days” for yourself. This song has smash hit written all over it.

Recently GGD’s Robby Takac called us for a progress report. He had a few things on his mind and here’s what he had to say.

You are currently in LA recording your new CD. How much of it is completed?
It's about 70 % done recording . . . then we mix with JJ Puig

How does this new material compare with your previous work?
It's a whole different vibe working w/ Glen after Cavallo produced records for the past decade.

I heard the song "Better Days" and was instantly blown away by it. Will that song be released as the first single?

Who played piano on that song?
A guy named Zack, he plays w/ Alanis Morrisette, and Paul Gordon, our touring keyboardist

Are you guys bring in outside musicians for new CD, and if so who?
Glen played a bit, Zack, Greg Suran and Paul Gordon from our touring group.

When will the CD hit the shelves? Is it going to be called "Better Days."
No title for the entire disc yet, it'll be out early next year

What is it like working with Glen Ballard and how does he compare to the other producers that you have worked with?
He's a New Orleans vibe guy. . .awesome person. . . . .

What have you learn from him?
To keep it musical and let it flow. . . . .

Where you at all surprised at the massive success that your last single "Give a Little Bit" had?
It did pretty well the first time too, huh ?

You spent a lot of time the past year in Buffalo NY, which you haven't done in a while. How was it living in your hometown again?
My liver hurts

Did living back home play a influencing role in the songwriting?
That’s why we returned. . . this time we were sure we needed more Buffalo, less LA. . . . . .

You guys also played a few surprise gigs at Century Grill in downtown Buffalo over the spring/summer. What was it like playing in a bar again?
That was our rehearsal space. . .so it was just like doin' a show in the old days. . . lots of fun

What was the reaction of the people when they saw you guys hit the stage? Did everyone freak out?
It was a blast. . . . .and packed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The GGD played the Hurricane Relief Concert last Saturday. Was was that experience like?
Very chill. . . but a great event. . . . . .

You guys are always willing to help out no matter what cause, you're good people.
Aw shucks. . . your steamin' up my glass eye. . . . . .

Do you have any tour plans, or is it too early in the game for that at this point?
We have some shows coming up later this year and a big new years show in Las Vegas, the website keeps you up to date. . . . www.googoodolls.com

What are some of the songs that you currently have in your iPod.
The new Summit Resources Benefit CD called "Music is Hope" Good Charamel and MIA is doing benefiting Autism Research in WNY. . . .Last Conservative, Juliet Dagger, GGDs, Agent Me, Terry Sullivan, the new Klear, Alison Pipitone, Amungus and lots more. . . .lots of cool stuff

Can you tell us what Mike and Johhny have in there's?
Mike can’t operate a computer. . . and John's writing lyrics right now. . . . I'm afraid to listen. . . . . . .

How would you describe your working relationship with John?
It's like an "e" fueled love fest one minute and a mongoose cobra pit the next. . . . . . .I love the guy. . . . he's been in my life for 20 years now. . . . . . .

Any parting words for the readers of GlamMetal.com?
Let's get our brave and under supported troops out of the middle east, and let's send the white house staff over in their place. . . . . .peace out. . . . . . .

www.googoodolls.com www.goodcharamel.com www.musicisart.org www.chameleonwest.com

Source: http://www.glam-metal.com/googoodolls_studio_report.html
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