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Howard Dean stunned Los Angeles high school student Amanda Alvarez when he announced the Goo Goo Dolls would perform at an event he was hosting at the start of the convention.

A fan of both the Democratic National Committee chairman and the band, Alvarez was starstruck by her proximity to both. She blogged about the experience here in our sister blog The Homeroom.

"I was completely shocked and overwhelmed when Dean, who was like five feet away from us, announced that the Goo Goo Dolls were to take the stage.

That was my first concert, and I don’t think it can ever be topped. I was literally only a couple of feet from John Rzeznik and when he started to sing "Iris" … Well I was almost speechless at that point. It was just incredible."

That's Rzeznik in the photo, performing at a music festival before the convention.

Alvarez is in Denver with a group of students as part of a project through Pepperdine University. Read the rest of Alvarez's adventures here.

— Diana Swartz
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