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Nov 7, 2005

Hey everyone, We just caught up with our good friend Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls for another exclusive GlamMetal.com- Goo Goo Dolls studio report. The band is currently in L.A. finishing up their new CD. In the meantime, The Goo’s have released “Better Days,” a single from their upcoming CD. This song is all over the radio and is one of the most downloaded songs on the net. Also, the Goo’s have just put out a video for “Better Days,” which can be viewed at http://launchtoday.launch.yahoo.com/player/default.asp?vid=25013892&cid=1& Check it out and e-mail us here and tell us what you think. Pretty stunning, isn’t it. It’s going their be their biggest hit yet. Anyways, here’s what Robby had to say this time around.

Congrats on your new video for “Better Days.” The imagery is incredible and really captures the emotion of the song. How long did it take to shoot it?
One evening in Malibu canyon. . . ..

What was it like working with the video director Noble Jones?
He's alot of fun. . .you know, every video shoot feels like a cluster fuck. . .when you get the footage back you see what was going on the mind of the maker. . . . . . .it's usually a pretty pleasant surprise.

Was the concept for the video Noble’s idea or did the band contribute ideas as well?
Noble’s concept.kinda like fine film making meets Barney meets return of the living dead. . . . .

You been getting a great response to the song “Better Days”, but why did you decide to release it now instead of waiting for a time closer to the release of your new CD?
It's out on a Target Holiday Collection. . . . . . .thank goodness they're not in the news this month, probably as good of a chance of that as the competitor. . . . .

Is the new CD finished? Do you have a solid release date yet?
Real close . . . mixing w/ JJP.should be out in Feb.

How does the material on the CD sound? Is it more of a rock CD or more like the track “Better Days”?
It’s more gooey. . . .Yikes. . . . . Glenn really let us open up. . . . We’ve been making records w/ the same folks for a long time . . . alot of new ideas on this one. . . . . .

Do you plan on playing any of the new songs during your upcoming New Years Eve concert in Las Vegas at the HOB?

With so many people downloading their music, how much longer do you think that the CD format will exist and record stores will be reduced to computerized vending machines?
That’s too depressing to get into right now. . . . I miss holding those vital pieces of my life in my hands . . . . . .
Has there been any talk of WBR releasing a greatest hits Goo Goo Dolls DVD?
Not yet. . . . Just off the tail of Live in Buffalo. . . . I wouldn’t hold my breath. . . .Although I hear they will all be available on itunes soon. . . . . .

Now you aren’t one to hold back your political views. Do you think that the war in Iraq will ever end?
I hope so. . . I hate to see the US military so misused by these folks. . . . . .These brave soldiers are out there protecting us from "evil". . . . . . And we have some sketchy folks designing the business plan. . . . . .I would love to see them come home . . . but I'm afraid w and crew have put us in a place where we have to stay and do the right thing before we get out of there . . . . . clean up the mess. . . . . . We just need to get someone w/ some sensibility in office to figure out where that process lies. . . . Then we can work on gaining the respect of the world back. . . . . .I don't get this "war" . . . . Never have . . . hope America's voting public joins me and makes a change. . . . . . .

What do you think the US should do about the situation in Iran? It would be pretty scary if they get a few nukes, especially with their stance towards Israel?
Improve our global standing so we reduce our appearance to the Muslim nation (and the rest of the civilized world) as a threat to their sacred lands and homes . . . . . . . a little conscience 101 maybe?. . . . . .

How does someone like George W. Bush get elected twice to be the President of the most powerful nation in the world?
Karl Rove, Evangelicals, Propaganda, Florida and a Daddy who rigged elections all over the world for a living. . . . .oh. . . .And the Supreme Cronies . . . . . apparently adds up 2 a winning combo . . . . . but now they're done. . . .All done . . . . . . . fine’ . . . . . let’s heal. . . . .

Source: http://www.glam-metal.com/googoodolls_studio_report.html
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