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May 7 was a big day for the Goo Goo Dolls in Los Angeles. Early in the day they made their way to Guitar Center’s flagship store on Sunset Boulevard to be inducted into the Rock Walk. While there they said they had visited Guitar Center in 1988 on their first tour and were in awe of all the cool memorabilia there. Eddie Van Halen’s guitar was certainly there since Eddie Van Halen was inducted into the Rock Walk in 1985.

They were thrilled and smiling from ear to ear as they sank their hands into the concrete under the blinding flash of photographers snapping away as can be seen in the photos. There was some time left for a short question and answer session. Examiner.com asked about the controversy surrounding their early work since their sound changed so much. Lead singer John Rzeznik stated simply that, “It would be dishonest to write songs the same way we did in 1987. I’m about to get married for the first time.” Robby Takac has children. Things certainly have changed significantly for the band since they got their start in Buffalo, New York. Drummer Mike Malinin said there was another reason, “I came along.”

They are very grateful for having written “Iris” which recently topped the charts again thanks to a kid who sang the song on “Britain’s Got Talent.” The man who produced” Iris” said that the Goos were “legit” because they worked their way up from playing tiny punk clubs and New York’s original CBGB before making it big.

But their day wasn’t over with that. They then made their way over to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform on the outdoor stage with an adoring crowd of fans there. They premiered a song from their upcoming album, “Magnetic” called, “Rebel Beat.”

“Magnetic” is due for release in June of this year. The band will be touring in support of their album with Matchbox Twenty. Please check out www.GooGooDolls.com for details.
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