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by Jode1086 @ 2010-11-17 – 00:18:56

Just thought i would blog to say I have just come back from seeing the GooGoo Dolls perform at Bristol 02 Academy, they were ace live. I can finally say I have been to see them do a gig, i've been wanting to go watch them like forever. I missed them the last time they cam to Bristol cause I was at Uni at the time & had assignments which needed to be done, so had to pass on getting tickets. I wasn't going to be stopped from going this time though! I could hear them well enough, but couldn't see anything more then the top of the lights & maybe the odd glimpse of a foot or something on the stage cause of all the people in the way.

All of the 02 viewing for gigs in the Academy is standing (ordinarily it's a club but they do have live music there sometimes, like tonight) & it is split level with bars & balcony - we were at the top on the balcony but still couldn't see anything cause there were plenty of other people already there before us. We weren't there from stupid o'clock cause the bands never get going right away do they. Anyway - I wasn't that bothered about not being able to see anything. I always have the same problem - it's something i've just come to accept.

Maybe I should invest in some stilts, that would probably solve my issue of not being able to see. Though then I would just feel bad because I would be obstructing the view of the people stood behind me. Not that tall people in front of me ever seem that bothered - they don't even have the courtesy of just standing on one spot so I can peer around them. Iinstead they sway from side to side so I have to constantly jiggle about trying to see the stage. Disgruntled? Yes I am.

They played all the classic good songs I love like Slide, Black Balloon, Let Love In & of course, Iris! Plus some new songs from an album which I didn't even know existed, was recently released apparently. Iris was the song which really brought them to my attention. There was a film that it featured in ( I think it was called 'Angels') that I watched one evening when I was at uni & looked it up on the internet when I heard it to see who had recorded it. Funny how it only takes one song to get you into an artist. They've got a fair following, but maybe not aswell known as more current artists.

There was quite a varied mix of people at the gig, old & young ect. There was a lesbian couple in front of us, I think the gods are trying to torment me (read some of my previous blogs & you'll understand why - i'm not homophobic) in some way. I did start off standing up but my knees were giving up along with my legs, towards the end of the gig - i'm getting old! So I sat down - but then saw even less of them then I did to begin with. Anyhow, my mate has longer arms then me - managed to get a recording of their performance of 'Iris' by holding my camera way above her head, lol. Haven't listened to it as yet so it could be shite!

We shall see!
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