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The energy from the audience Wednesday night, made up of teenagers to people in their 30s and 40s, absolutely radiated throughout the sold-out Commodore Ballroom.’

Opening for the Goo Goo Dolls was Steven Page, formerly of the Barenaked Ladies. Page’s set included tracks from his solo effort, along with BNL favorites from back in the day. According to Page, his plan was to play “one old, one new, one old, one new.” The new was enjoyed, but the old had the best response. “Jane,” “It’s All Been Done,” and “Brian Wilson” all had the audience happily singing along to the fun tunes.

Page even whistled a couple short tunes (including the Andy Griffith Show theme) during song breaks, and played theme song intros such as the Price is Right. Even the first verse of Mombo #5 was thrown in for fun. Page put on a fun set to watch, even going as far as joking about jail and realizing then that the build up to the chorus was important in a song

When the Goo Goo Dolls took the stage, fans were taken back into the ‘90’s era where their most popular tracks were performed, and where most came from the album “Dizzy Up The Girl,” such as “Black Balloon,” “Slide,” and the closing song of the night, “Broadway.” Another well received song was “Better Days,” off of their album “Let Love In.”

At some points during the set, singing from the audience echoed even louder than Rzeznik’s familiar voice in the microphone, especially with one of the last and most popular tracks performed- “Iris.” During the whole set, it was rare to notice someone with their mouth closed, as most of the audience was happily singing along.

Rzeznik even noted that their first show in Vancouver was back in 1987; talk about longevity of their songs in the music business.

Goo Goo Dolls Set List

Sweetest Lie
Big Machine
Here Is Gone
2nd Time
Can’t Let It Go
Black Balloon
Better Days
Stay With You
Now I hear
Tucked Away
Let Love In
As I Am
Not Broken

+Debbie Fettback

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