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Translated by EmeraldLatias:

It's already been 25 years that the Goo Goo Dolls have entered the music world and the group is not pressured to stop.

For a group to have their reason to exist, you have to want it to work," Robby Takac believes, "Not only do you have to keep the public interested but most importantly, you have to still be who you are!

The group who we recognize for the song Iris gracing the radio are presently on tour for the promotion of their ninth album, Something For the Rest of Us.

"It's neat when we're on tour to see the people who come to our concerts and who are apart of three different generations," Takac remarks, "One night when we were playing Buffalo, my hometown, an old friend came to see us with his 11-year old boy who was also one of our fans. And my friend said, 'You know, for my boy, you've always existed.' It's very strange to think of that.."
For the bassist, it's clear that the most recent opus of the Goo Goo Dolls reflects the reality of adults they have become and of the world they live in.

"We have always written about the things that happen around us and say that the world is a bit bad right now!" Takac exclaims, "Obviously when we were young, our biggest worry was knowing when the next time we'd get laid would be. As we got older, our global culture develops and the same goes for the subjects we take on."

After nine albums, the group tries again to surpass themselves at every new effort. "Naturally, we stay the same," the musician concedes, " But we always ask how we could go even further in a new and original way."

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