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Written by : Serge Norguard
Epoch : June 8, 2013 at 10:50 am
Category : Musicology, RePreview

Since their 9th album Something For The Rest Of Us, we have been waiting for Goo Goo Dolls next album.

With a three year wait that is very worthy (Goo Goo Dolls usually takes an Olympic year to get one album out), we at Dustyhawk :: Broken Mirror manage to professionally get the album. The review that we are writing right now is a take-one review. Whereby, it is judged on first impressions.

Rebel Beat is the first song from the album and the tune of this song has a chirpy upbeat and rather happy feeling to it. Rzeznik’s voice in this track and the whole feel is a kin to one of Owl City’s song. For those who was traveled with the Dolls during their Let Love In era, may feel strange with this track.

The second track that caught my attention was “Last Hot Night”. Though the guitars and drums are the main instrument heard, we can hear a lot of hand percussion and synthesizer works, strangely enough this makes the song feel like an upbeat version of “Better Days”

The rest of the track has this similar beat that is rather bland, even though it makes singing to the beat of the tracks easier. Indeed Magnetic is different from their past albums but to us; Goo Goo Dolls is not giving the kick that they once had in Let Love In or like in Dizzy Up The Girl

Below are the tracks in the album and overall we give this album 4/10


    Track Listing
    1. “Rebel Beat”
    2. “When the World Breaks Your Heart”
    3. “Slow It Down”
    4. “Caught in the Storm”
    5. “Come to Me”
    6. “Bringing on the Light”
    7. “More of You”
    8. “Bullet Proof Angel”
    9. “Last Hot Night”
    10. “Happiest of Days”
    11. “Keep the Car Running”
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