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By Hannah Rishel
Collegian Staff Writer

Johnny Rzeznik, lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls, promised a packed room at the Eisenhower Auditorium that he “won’t tell no one your name” Tuesday night.

Rzeznik dedicated the band’s performance of “Name” to the crowd, where they performed as part of their tour promoting their new album, “Something for the Rest of Us.”

The audience got on their feet as soon as the lights went down, screaming as the band members took their places on stage and launched into their first song of the night, “Sweetest Lie,” the first track on the new album.

The band mixed songs from their new album — including the first single, “Home” — with fan favorites that gained the band notoriety in the ’90s, like “Black Balloon” and “Better Days.”

Leah Blasko said before the Goo Goo Dolls went on that the song she wanted to hear them play the most was “Slide.”

“I really, really like that song,” Blasko (sophomore-public relations) said.

Sean Golden, who has seen the band in concert previously, also said he wanted to hear “Slide.” He added that “Name” was another one that he wanted to hear.

“Maybe they could play them simultaneously,” Golden (sophomore-golf management) joked. “They could use the music of ‘Slide’ and the lyrics to ‘Name.’ I think that would be pretty cool.”

While the band didn’t combine one of their most famous tunes with another song, they did play “Slide” to the delight of the audience. Screams erupted as soon as the crowd recognized the opening chords.

During the concert, Robby Takac, the bassist, encouraged the crowd to check out “Something for the Rest of Us,” which is the band’s first album in four years.

The Spill Canvas, an alternative rock band from South Dakota, opened for the Goo Goo Dolls.

Lead singer Nick Thomas thanked the crowd for coming to see them play, even though he knew the majority of attendees were there to see the Goo Goo Dolls.

“Even if you don’t know us, you like music and that’s all that matters,” he told the crowd.

Landon Heil, the Spill Canvas’ bassist, told the crowd before the last song of the set that he was “desperately looking for someone to introduce him to Joe Paterno” because he’s a big fan.

The Spill Canvas received mixed reactions from the crowd.

Christine McGinnis (senior-aerospace engineering) said that while the music itself was good, she “couldn’t hear one word the singer was saying.”

But Blasko said that she enjoyed the band’s set. She added that “Staple Gun” was her favorite song they played.

“It’s funny, because I hate staple guns,” she said.
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