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Yea...I thought so. The freaky deaky can be fun.

My son Jackson is a big John Rzeznik and Goo Goo Dolls fan (BIG fan), and so when the musician and songwriter was here on Jan. 27th for a special Studio C performance, I asked Jack to hightail it over to the radio facility after school that day to attend.

What he didn't expect follows.

John and I were chatting in the studio before the performance - we met twenty years ago this year, at the studios of KJ104 when I was doing the morning show there. Anyhow, we got along pretty well then, and have done a few over-the-phone interviews and via-satellite conversations since, and it was nice to catch up a bit face-to-face.

So when Jackson texted me that he had arrived and was waiting in the radio station lobby, I said to Johnny "...come with me to the front desk and help me fetch my son, and let's watch the expression on his face when you walk through the door with me to bring him in..." Of course, John was all over that!

Needless to say, the kid's jaw dropped to the floor. His eyes got all wide, and he was looking for words to say. But John, being the real gentleman that he is, put Jackson immediately at ease and started asking him questions about himself and his guitar playing and things that put the 18-year old in a total comfort zone.

Later, when it came time to take a picture after the performance, John got in a stab at me, for Jackson's benefit: "...Hey Jackson. Grab your old man there and have him hobble over here for a photo!"
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